"Given the correct breaks in the industry, The Della Grants could mould the future path for the blues..."

Blues Music Fan (USA)

"The Della Grants is a solid testament to modern blues. The foursome is sure to make some waves in the industry...."

Blues Rock Review

"Saturday produced arguably set of the festival for this reviewer at least – The Della Grants were stunning. No wonder the organisers were shouting their praises before the event. What a find, and what a blues band."


Live Room Sessions - Album Sampler (2017)
William Clay - Live Room Sessions (2017)
Weaker Man - Live Room Sessions (2017)
First Fix - EP Sampler (2016)
Time For Change - Album Sampler (2014)


The Della Grants are an English band whose self-penned songs seamlessly bridge the gaps between Blues, Rock, and Americana. Since their inception in 2014 The DGs have made a name for themselves among industry professionals and fellow musicians alike; for their song writing ability and on-stage performances.


The DGs

The DG’s are, above anything else, a group of close friends. Max Manning and Tom Best front the band on stage; sharing out the vocal, guitar, and harmonica duties. The band’s rhythm section (now in its seventeenth year) consists of Andy Boulton on bass & Tom Walker on drums. When it comes to song writing and arrangement (something the band prides itself on) all members are included throughout the process – although having said that, more often than not it’s Manning who proves to be the catalyst. 

As of 2017 the band have been frequently joined on stage by highly accomplished musician & good friend Tony Robinson; who provides organ, piano, & trumpet. Over the years Tony has worked with a number of popular artists including: The Beautiful South, The Specials, Gomez, The Boo Radleys & Manic Street Preachers.  


Time For Change

The DGs debut album ‘Time For Change' (2014) provided an early indication of their musical talents and song writing credentials – despite it having been recorded on a small budget. The album itself consists of ten self-penned tracks and one cover, the Keb Mo’ classic ‘Am I wrong’, a song the band would regularly perform live on stage during their early days. 

While recording their track ‘Keeping Me Away From You’ The DGs were joined in the studio by keyboard player Mark Stanway, who can be heard playing organ throughout the track. The ex Magnum and Whitesnake man was quick to offer his services to the band whom he’d seen perform at The Robin 2 in Bilston earlier that year.  


First Fix

After the success of ‘Time For Change’ the DGs set about writing towards it’s follow up in 2015. New material effortlessly came together and the band were able to record their latest five original tracks for a release in 2015. The EP entitled ‘First Fix’ was mastered at Abbey Road Studios in London before being pressed to CD in the March of that year. The EP was well received by critics and fans of the band alike. The five tracks taken from it quickly became fan favourites and are regularly featured in the band’s live sets today.  


Live Room Sessions - Vol 1

The DGs most current release; ‘Live Room Sessions - Vol 1’ (2017) was a must-do project for the band. So much had changed since the writing and recording of ‘First Fix’ and this live session was a way to showcase it all. Whilst recording their 2015 EP The DG’s had discovered their preferred recording method and felt the need to revisit a few songs from their first album. Couple this with the arrival of Tony Robinson; and the ‘session’ was booked in. The band chose to work with producer Jez Burns and the sessions took place at Yellow Bean Studios, in the band’s hometown of Leicester in the June of 2017. 

Featuring a mixture of songs from their previous two releases and three brand-new tracks; the album ticks a number of boxes. It serves as a greatest hits so far – detailing just how far the band has come in terms of live performance, and the new material featured provides a window towards the bands future. 


On The Road

On the road the DGs pride themselves as being an unforgiving rock and roll outfit whose arsenal is filled with high quality original material. To date the band have performed at festivals and venues up and down the UK; performing alongside artists such as Canned Heat, Dr Feelgood, Nine Below Zero, Laurence Jones, and Wilko Johnson. While on the road The DGs have made a great impression on music fans with their mix of blues, rock, & Americana influenced songs. None more so than with Dr Feelgood guitarist Steve Walwyn; who has become both a fan and friend of the band; joining them on stage to perform on several occasions. 



As well as touring their music The DGs continue to work hard on a range of exciting new projects. Song-writing has already begun for what will become the bands second full studio album – The release date of which is scheduled for 2018.


The overall aim for this group of Leicester based musicians is to make their love of writing and performing a life-long profession.


Keep your eye on the website and follow us in all the usual corners of the internet. Thanks for reading. See you on the road! 

"This is the sort of great blues that will attract young audiences to the music, to carry it onto the next generation. As for the songs, well, there isn’t a weak track at all" - Blues In Britain

"How refreshing to find a blues band that brings original BLUES material to the genre, instead of an album full of retreads heard a million times over in all pretty much the same way. The Della Grants serves up blues-rock just right..."  - Blues Music Fan (USA)


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